With Division Laundry & Cleaners managing & producing your laundry, you are free to focus on what is most important — your patients. We are dedicated to finding linen solutions that fit your particular facility requirements, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Division has the resources and expertise to handle your healthcare laundry needs, delivering quality and savings in return.

Division Laundry & Cleaners guarantees all of our services and on-time delivery. We also offer 24/7 customer support, commit to bi-weekly visits of your facility and support our clients with linen inventory assistance.

Since 1939, Division Laundry and Cleaners has been providing the most comprehensive commercial laundry service in South Texas. From our award-winning plant in San Antonio, we transport, process and package linens and garments for hospitality services, the military, healthcare facilities and more meeting & exceeding industry standards efficiently and economically.

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healthcare standard wash

  • Designed to remove the soils and stains that are common in healthcare linens
  • Provides the correct dosing of washroom chemicals, temperature control, and mechanical action
  • Sanitized and pH-adjusted to 5.5-6.0

hypoallergenic wash

  • Follows a standard healthcare wash
  • All chemical residues are removed through a process of repeated rinses in hot, warm and cold water
  • Final pH will be approximately 8.0 which is determined by the water supply


  • A service for hyperbaric facilities with 100-percent cotton linen
  • Helps maintain a lint-free environment
  • Final fabric pH will be 5.0-6.0
  • Linen is returned wrapped in plastic film


  • Begins with multiple rinses to remove medications common to burn patients
  • Followed by the correct healthcare standard wash
  • Fabric will be pH-adjusted to 5.5-6.0

infection control standards

  • Infectious control nurses make annual tours at Division.
  • Division Laundry takes great care to meet and exceed standards to provide linens free of all contaminants.



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