Outsourcing the management & production of your laundry, you are free to focus on what is most important — your patients. Division has the resources and expertise to handle your healthcare laundry needs, delivering quality and savings in return.

We have been sensitive to the special requirements of our military since our opening! Division opened in 1939 in a modest location on Fort Sam Houston laundering military uniforms and sewing on stripes for troops from the 2nd Infantry Division.

Plush towels, soft sheets and crisp napkins are a reflection on your hotel's quality and service. You need linens that are cleaned right and on time. Division Laundry & Cleaners guarantees all of our services and our on time delivery.


The Division Difference

Plain and simple - our QUALITY and our CUSTOMER SERVICE is what sets us apart from the competitors. As a family owned business we are deeply rooted in the community and are committed to great service!


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division-laundry-articleReviving Division - Garcia Family Values
Following a fire disaster in ’01, a healthcare operator relied on family & community ties to aid reconstruction. Patrick Garcia Jr. and his sisters Patricia and Theresa were students in high school, college and middle school respectively, when they heard about a conflagration at the family laundry business in San Antonio run by their father Patrick Garcia Sr. in June 2001. Horrified, they watched TV news coverage of the fire, which the family believes was caused by electrical surges that reduced the plant to rubble.

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Division Laundry's innovations have helped it grow.
Workers divide medical facility linen Tuesday at Division Laundry & Cleaners at 6649 W. U.S. 90. Peter Garcia started the business in 1939 inside Fort Sam Houston. He would wash the soldiers' uniforms. Besides servicing area hospitals, the company also now works with hotels.


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See how Division Laundry deals with the always present drought situation in Texas. 

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State-of-the-Art Systems 

Division Laundry is the environmentally responsible choice in commercial laundry providers. Division's state-of-the-art facility incorporates the latest technology, and equipment. We are committed to maintaining our equipment and striving to use the most energy efficient and automatic systems to result in fewer manual processes and greater automation through computerized systems, automated conveyors, and machines.



Clean is "green"

Through our investment in tunnel washers Division has been able to reduce the water consumption by 10 million gallons annually, from 4.25 gallons to 1.25 gallons per pound processed.